Mount Cook, Canterbury

Mount Cook, Canterbury

This is a resource area created to be a a single quit shop for travel and media specialists researching Aoraki Mt Cook Alpine Village, NZ. In this section you will uncover the newest media releases, images, solution, brand and destinational information. The YHA Mt Cook is about a 15 minute walk down the hill from the Hermitage Hotel. Welcome to mt cook accommodation tripadvisor Cook View Motel in Fox Glacier South Westland. If you strategy on climbing Mt Cook, it takes a lot of preparation in advance, and you will want ice-climbing gear. Dogs and other pets are not permitted in Mount Cook Village, the campground, or on any of the tracks in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park.

The possibilities are endless in this UNESCO Globe Heritage Region, but one thing's for sure: wherever you are, when the sun is about to set, make confident you turn to watch Aoraki Mount Cook's snowy crown painted in shades of pink, purple and red. The iconic Hermitage Hotel Aoraki Mount Cook is house to a choice of restaurants and bars as well as a variety of activities to enable you to discover the wonder of Aoraki Mount Cook.

No other national park in New Zealand can match Mt Cook for big mountains and genuine alpine scenery, proper in front of your eyes. The name of Aoraki (Mt Cook) originates from an old Maori legend about Aoraki and his three brothers, who had been the suns of Rakinui (the Sky Father). For instance, The Hermitage Hotel management will be given the opportunity to perform across the Occasion Hotels in New Zealand and achieve invaluable encounter, even though some Event Hotel management will now have the opportunity to spend time functioning at Mount Cook," he explains.

Most tourists who go to Mt. Cook only do so on a day trip - often en route between destinations. In Mount Cook Village you get telephone reception whereas elsewhere in the park, you get extremely limited service. Therefore, spending a tiny longer in Mt. Cook will give you greater odds of possessing at least some periods of clear skies for these beautiful photo-worthy mountain views.

Aoraki (which means Cloud Piercer in Ngāi Tahu Maori) or Mount Cook, to honour the well-known captain, is the highest mountain in New Zealand. You will not want to miss Queenstown, and it is the perfect spot from exactly where to head to Mt Cook, providing you two iconic Kiwi mountain towns in the same day. The vegetation adjustments throughout the stroll till you are faced with Hooker Glacier, glacier lake and Aoraki Mt Cook.

State Highway 80 on the South Island of New Zealand follows the length of Lake Pukaki from State Highway 8 all the way to Mount Cook National Park. Other mountaineering routes contain crossing the Aroarokaehe Range by means of the Copland Pass, the Mount Cook Range by way of the Ball Pass, and routes crossing the Tasman Saddle further north. Situated amongst a operating sheep station, Glentanner Park has an enviable position as gateway to the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park.

Whether you are coming for the day or heading off into the hills, Aoraki Mt Cook is a should see national park in New Zealand. You will get pleasure from the scenic beauty of Mount Cook and the national park surrounding it from take-off to landing. There was his epic trip to the South Pole, ascents of Mt Cook and a daring rescue on that peak, an utterly stunning tale of bravery and mountaineering talent.